In the Night of the Moon.
She Embraced her Inner and Outer Beauty.
She Fell in Love with Herself.
For it was not easy to Love Every Aspect of her Skin.
But She Learned and Slowly Allowed Her Feelings To Be.
She Knew that She must First Adore Herself Within.
Now that She's in Love.
She Can't Seem to Let Go Of
All She's Was Destined to Become
All Because She Fell In Love With Herself.

Keena's Moments

In the Night


Speak up for those with no voice.
Speak up for those with a voice
Speak up for this who are defenseless.
Speak up for those who need you to speak up for them.
Speak up for change.
Speak up for Self.
Speak up for Family.
Speak up for Friends.
Speak up for Strangers.
Speak up for what you Believe in
Speak up for what is not Right or Fair.
Speak up because it's the Right thing to do.
Speak up because you Care.

There are times when we see or hear of things happening and we just walk by. We even continue with life as if it never existed. When we know what is going.Don't just let things happen to you, family, or strangers. Speak up. Someone may need you to be there for them.




Hope is Light 

Last night Justin came to me and said “Mom take a picture of me holding this candle lit”. I said, “Okay”. He knows about the blog and loves the idea that I share our story with others. I took the picture. I was curious to know what the light meant to him. I asked him about it. He said, “Hope is Light”. I replied, “Interesting”. Then I asked, “But how?” He replied, “Hope is in the light because it can be a path for a bright future”. I hurried to grab my phone and asked him to repeat himself. He repeated that profound statement and then asked,”Are you putting that on the blog?” I responded with, “I sure am!”
“Hope is Light” ~J.W.C.